Affirmations to Lift You Higher

wakeup bells of remembrance
Remembering your greatness

It is true. We create our reality with our thoughts. Negative thoughts create a hellish reality while loving thoughts create a heavenly reality. Why would anyone want to create more suffering by thinking negative thoughts? Because of conditioning and forgetfulness, that’s all.

Let the affirmations below to remind you of your inner greatness. 

Every day that I am alive is heaven on earth!

My heart radiates love, joy, and sunshine!

I am flying in the realms of light and love.

The light of God surrounds me.
The love of God engulfs me.

The love of the Heavenly Spirit is surging through my body,
healing me, lifting me up, and making me whole.

Thoughts and feelings arise and fall away on their own.
They are not my concern.
My attention is on the blazing sun within.

Timeless are the wildflowers that bloom in the meadows.
Timeless is the love that blooms in my heart!

My heart turns towards the Heavenly Spirit,
as a flower turns to the sun.

My love is in full bloom.

I refuse to let this world get me down.
My star has to be burning brightly in order to be of any use to this world.

Problems? I have no problems.
It’s bright and sunny in my loving heart!

I close my eyes and take a deep breath.
I’m in heaven again.

It’s always warm and sunny in my loving heart.

My love shines like the sun.

I am who I am,
a glorious being of light.

I am a child of God:
beautiful, radiant and free.

I am intoxicated with the love of God.

I sink into the Heavenly Light.

My heart is burning brightly with love!

I am aflame with God’s love.

With love, I have my own personal Paradise with me wherever I go.

Time can’t diminish the Glorious Love
and Light that continues to grow in my heart.

Heavenly Spirit sends me messages of love.

The light of the love is shining brightly within.

I am bathed in light and love.

I’m feeling too comfortable to be pulled away
from God’s loving presence.

This moment is all I have,
and I’m not going to allow myself to lose consciousness of the light by
 allowing myself to be drawn into the world of illusion.

I Am a fully enlightened Being of Light.

My heart is consumed with the fire of love.

The love of my Beloved has set me free!

All is well in my loving heart.

I am right where I want to be … In my loving heart!

I am caught firmly in the embrace of the Heavenly Beloved
and there is no place I would rather be.

I am love-possessed.

Heavenly Spirit enfolds me and fills me with love.

Spirit’s love engulfs me
and flows softly through me.

Love is my Heavenly Reality.

Love is my happy place.

I am just happy to be alive!

What do I need? Nothing.
What do I have? Everything.

My gift is Light!

I Choose Love.

Copyright © 2019. Mark Ellison. All Rights Reserved.

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