The Breath of Life

Breath is life! Breathing deep invigorating drafts of air keeps us mentally and physically alive. Most people take short, shallow breaths. This starves the body of the oxygen that it needs and leads to scattered thoughts and emotional upsets. A Breathe of Fresh Airy Maintaining your awareness of breath helps put everything in perspective. Everything … Continue reading The Breath of Life

The 5 Keys to Blissful Driving

For many people, their commute to work is the most stressful part of the day. At times, it has been for me as well. There is, however, great advantages to incorporating driving in your spiritual practice. During our drive, we have a window of time when we are not distracted by other things, we have … Continue reading The 5 Keys to Blissful Driving

Savoring The Sweetness of Solitude

One of the leading causes of suffering in this world is the feeling of being lonely and unloved. Recently, I have pondered how much of this loneliness is our own creation; the building of our own prison based on society’s definition of what constitutes a happy life; lots of Friends and family. It seems to … Continue reading Savoring The Sweetness of Solitude

The Battleground of the Heart

Within each one of us is a battleground in which the forces of light and darkness wage war for control of our heart. One force pulls us towards the heavier dimension of the physical realm, while another force pulls us towards the higher vibration of the spiritual plain. We choose which force dominates our consciousness. … Continue reading The Battleground of the Heart

Affirmations to Lift You Higher

Remembering your greatness It is true. We create our reality with our thoughts. Negative thoughts create a hellish reality while loving thoughts create a heavenly reality. Why would anyone want to create more suffering by thinking negative thoughts? Because of conditioning and forgetfulness, that’s all. Let the affirmations below to remind you of your inner … Continue reading Affirmations to Lift You Higher