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Within us is a world that few people know about and even fewer have experienced. It is the radiant world of bliss. This is our most natural state of being and where we feel most at home.

heaven on earth

This beautiful world, for most people, has been obscured by the clouds of ignorance and past conditioning that tells us that we have to be smarter, healthier, richer, happier, more enlightened, etc. The list goes on.

Just as this conditioning has developed over time through habit, it can also be removed through habit.

This site demonstrates how you can re-enter the kingdom of heaven, in the present moment, and live a more blissful life.

It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This!

This is as good as it gets! The Kingdom of Heaven is right here and now. You are living in it. You don’t have to wait until you die to go to heaven.

We are born to manifest heaven on earth. We do this by connecting with our inner-goodness and reflecting that love back out into this world in whatever way is most meaningful to us.

Heaven must be experienced in this very moment, not sometime in the future. If we don’t make the connection now, we are searching in vain and lost in a dream.

Thoughts Have the Power to Lift You Up

Our thoughts have a tremendous influence over the quality of our lives. They can make life a heavenly reality or they can make life a living hell. It is always our choice which thoughts we focus on.

We create our reality through the thoughts that we think. If this is the case, why not choose uplifting thoughts to create heaven on earth? It is certainly within our power. We just have to recondition our minds to have more loving, peaceful thoughts and let go of the conditioned lies that tell us that we are not good enough, less than whole, and separate from others.

During your busy day, it’s good to pause, take a deep breath, and remind yourself that you are already living in heaven on earth.

If you want to live in heaven,
live with the thought that you are already there.

There is a virtual gold mine of inspirational sayings that we can use to lift ourselves up when we most need it. It’s not the thoughts, as much as the feelings behind the thoughts, that have the power to lift us higher.

Love Gets You High

Go as high as you can go with your thoughts, then drop the thoughts and allow love to take you even higher.

Heaven is a world created by love. That heaven is love and love is heaven is all you need to know.

Our world expands and contracts according to our awareness of love.

To live in the Land of Bliss you must re-awaken to love over and over again.

The only thing that matters is that you are thinking, feeling or expressing love at this very moment. When you are doing this, you are living in heaven. When you stray from the path, you suffer. For God is Love, and when you are not loving, you are distancing yourself from God.

Come Out from Behind the Clouds

Nothing is worth allowing yourself to be pulled away from your natural state of bliss. If you want to fly, you have to give up the things that weight you down. Cast all your cares into the ocean of love and remain in your natural state of bliss.

Love transforms a personal prison into a heavenly paradise.

You don’t have to beg God for what you need. You are a fully empowered being of light. Well up the love that is within you and use it to transform your sorrow into joy.

Within you is the ability to perceive that every day is heaven on earth. The darkness of this world cannot hold you down. God has put heaven within your heart. Spend your time thinking of your inner sunshine and the darkness will fade away by itself.

Entering into the Kingdom of God

Heaven is not a place. It’s a feeling that God is present.

With love, there is always a warm, sunny place to come home to. Right here, right now, in your loving heart; this is the portal into heaven on earth. This is what everyone has been searching for, but few have realized.

Love is our instant paradise.

Take a deep breath and look around you. Everything is heavenly just the way it is. When you dwell on love, you dwell in heaven. When you start thinking about the past or future, you remove yourself from paradise.

Wake-Up and See the Light!

To be One with God is to be enlightened.

To be enlightened, you simply need to train your mind to keep coming back to the warm, loving presence in your heart.

To feel God’s presence in the background while going about your daily activities is to live in heaven on earth.

Everything bright and beautiful in our lives, like the sound of a bird or a warm, gentle breeze, is there to remind us that we are living in heaven on earth.

Contentment with little brings great peace of mind. It’s good to remind yourself, “I have my breath. I have this moment. And I have love in my heart. What else does one need?”

Make every breath count. Make each breath a moment of meditation. Make every breath a loving communion with God. “Heaven in every breath” is a good mantra to repeat as you go about your daily activities.

Tips for making your life more heavenly

  • Slow down, breathe deeply, and relax – This brings you back to the present moment; the only place that you can really enjoy life.
  • Be thankful for what you have – Instead of dwelling on what you don’t have.
  • Pay attention to the warm, loving presence in your heart as you move throughout the day.
  • Appreciate the small things in life – They are bigger than you think.
  • Do what you love to do – That is the reason you are here. We are most truly live when we are spreading love in whatever way is most meaningful to us.

Inspirations to remind you that you are already living in paradise

“Heaven means to be one with God.”
– Confucius (551 BC – 479 BC)

“Truly, is anything missing right now?
Nirvana is right here, before your eyes.”
– Zen Master Hakuin (1685-1768)

Heaven is closer than you think.
Let go of thinking and you will find it there.

Paradise is at your own center; unless you find it there,
there is not the slightest chance that you may enter.
– Inspired by Angelus Silesius (1624-1677)

“The secret? Live, laugh, love … Yay!”
– Author unknown

 “All the way to heaven is heaven.”
– Saint Catherine of Siena (1347-1380)

Our true home is heaven on earth,
and nothing less.

This is the beginning of all gospels,
that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand
just where we are.
– Paraphrasing Osgood Grover (c. 1916)

What if you slept.
And what if in your sleep, you dreamed.
And what if in your dream you went to heaven.
And there you plucked a strange and beautiful flower;
And what if when you awoke you had that flower in your hand?
Oh, what then?
– Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834)

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