Feeling the Loving Presence of God

Call it what you may: God, Spirit, Beloved, or Higher Power. It is a warm, loving presence that is always there and always looking out for our best interests.

flying high on the wings of love
Soaring on the wings of love

The Heavenly Spirit is always whispering messages of love. However, we often ignore these whisperings because we are too pre-occupied with the affairs of this world.

It is not only possible to feel God’s loving presence but also to carry on a conversation with God. Some people attribute this to an over-active imagination. This cannot be proven or disproven. However, if it lifts you up and fills you with love and joy, then this is the path for you.

In the presence of Spirit, there is only Light and Love. The more you focus on your spirit, the more you feel it’s warm loving glow throughout the day. Merge deeply into the Spirit and feel it’s loving presence throughout the day.

Feel the sun that burns brightly within. Feel Spirit’s warm, loving, presence. The sun of God’s brilliance is always shining from within our warm, loving heart. Feel the waves of warm, loving energy radiating from your heart. You don’t have to go searching for God. The sunshine of God is already blazing brightly within!

In silence, the Beloved comes to us. Draw near the Beloved, and he will draw near you. Feel the Beloved’s warm, loving embrace. Allow Spirit to envelop you in its loving presence.

Commune with the Heavenly Beloved throughout the day. Feel your Oneness with The Beloved. Sit for a spell in the glory of God. Allow the Heavenly Beloved to take possession of your soul. Allow yourself to be overwhelmed by God’s loving presence. When we rest in the Beloved’s loving arms, we are set ablaze with Light!

Baruch Spinoza said,

“God is not He who is, but That which is.”

Our only problem is our resistance to that which is. Be a lover of what is and you will find God.

Just thinking about The Beloved lifts us up! Feel the cleansing of the Spirit as it washes away all of your illusions and replaces them with love.

Remember, everything is uncertain except the love of God. Maintain an awareness of God’s loving presence throughout the day and let nothing stand between you and God.

The only decree that God has is “Love!” All other rules are created by man and only serve to put limitations on our lives. Heavenly Spirit says,

“Come to me through the path of love. I understand that it may not always be easy,
but it is the only way.”

Jesus is coming? “No,” I say, “He is already here!” Christ is alive! He speaks to me. He embraces me.

Every loving thought brings us one step closer to God.

The following inspirations will help you tune into the uplifting presence of the Heavenly Beloved.

“The soul is made of love and must ever strive to return to love.
Therefore, it can never find rest nor happiness in other things.
It must lose itself in love.
By its very nature it must seek God, who is love …”
Mechthild of Magdeburg (1207-1294)

God is pure divine radiance;
concealed in the here and now;
the less you reach for it,
the more it will appear.
Paraphrasing Angelus Silesius (1624-1677)

“The essence of life is in remembering God.”
Kabir (1398-1518)

“The nearer you come to God,
the more you feel peace.”
Sri Ramakrishna (1836 – 1886)

“Perform your duties in the world,
but keep your mind always fixed on God.”
Sri Ramakrishna (1836 – 1886)

Even in the in the midst of the most intense activities,
One should remember God and adore him.
Paraphrasing Sarada Devi (1852-1920)

“It is a lie – any talk of God that does not comfort you.”
Meister Eckhart (1260-1328)

“The world is charged with the grandeur of God.”
Gerard Manley Hopkins (1844-1889)

Every day, the Beloved is painting for us pictures of infinite beauty
if only we have eyes to see them.
Inspired by John Ruskin (1819-1900)

Nature is always renewing itself.
Likewise, the love of God is always renewing me!

Nowhere can a man find a quieter or more untroubled retreat
than in his own loving heart.
Paraphrasing Marcus Aurelius (121 AD – 180 AD)

“Our only business is to love
and delight ourselves in God.”
Brother Lawrence (1614-1691)

Copyright © 2019. Mark Ellison. All Rights Reserved.

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