Prayers of Love

staying on track with prayer
Following the light

Speak to the Heavenly Spirit when you feel both grateful and overwhelmed.  The Beloved will provide you with guidance and his loving presence will lift you higher.

A great way of starting your prayer is by telling the Beloved how much you love Him and how thankful you are for all everything He has provide you.

Sometimes the most powerful prayers take place beyond thoughts in the depths of our soul.

Use the simple prayers in this section to enhance your communion with God.

I call on the light and the love to bring me home.

Oh, Heavenly Spirit,
when I rest in your loving arms,
I am set ablaze in Light!

Heavenly Beloved,
come to me and overwhelm me
with your loving presence.

Heavenly Spirit,
open my eyes to love.

Heavenly Beloved,
let me always remember your love.

Heavenly Spirit, stay near me.
I need to feel your warm, loving presence.

Angels oh so dear,
keep your love oh so near

Come, come to me my Beloved
and let me feel your loving presence.

Sweat Heavenly Beloved:

Help me remember to call you closer when
I need to feel your loving presence;

Help me remember that this moment is all there is
and that dwelling in the past or future
will only bring about suffering;

Help me to remember that true happiness can only be found
in my loving heart and not in life’s circumstances,
which are always changing;

And, help me remember that it’s okay to feel painful emotions as they arise, but at the same time I can also feel your love which is always present.

Copyright © 2019. Mark Ellison. All Rights Reserved.

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