Meditating on The Point of Goodness Within

  beholding  the light within us
Focusing on the light within

Meditation enhances our relationship with God.

Take time out every day to reconnect with the light within then carry that glow with you throughout the day.

Meditation can be performed during any of your daily activities. You only need to take a moment for some quiet reflection. In times of quiet reflection, we are immersed in the presence of the Heavenly Beloved.

There is no need to pursue the Spirit. Just relax in a receptive state of awareness and the Beloved will come to you.

Use the following guidance to help you meditate on your point of goodness:

  • Just follow your breath and keep coming back to the here and now.
  • Sink beneath words into being.
  • Retire into your Being and commune with your Beloved.
  • Watch for time standing still moments.
  • Stop lights and other delays are great opportunities to work meditation into your life.

Jump-start your meditation practice with the following inspirations.

Be still and know that I Am Ahhh . . .
– Inspired by Psalm 46:10

“Your breathing is your greatest friend.
Return to it in all your troubles
and you will find comfort and guidance.”
Buddha (600-400 B.C.)

“Learn to be silent.
Let your quiet mind listen and absorb.”
Pythagoras (570 BC – 495 BC)

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