Who Says Life is Not Heavenly

We arguably have the best standard of living of any generation. We should be happier than ever, but we’re not. The ones that you think would be the happiest (the young, healthy, rich and famous) are often not. In fact, in many cases, these people are overdosing on drugs and taking their own lives. What is happening here?

The flower of happiness
Alighting on the Flower of Happiness

One of the primary reasons for all this unhappiness is that we put limits on our happiness all the time with our self-limiting thoughts, attitudes and beliefs. You know the thoughts. They are the ones that tell us that we are not worthy of joyful living now; however, if we accomplish specific goals, such as becoming enlightened, maybe we will earn our happiness. These are the same conditioned lies that tell us that if we want to be happy, we have to be a winner (big house, high paying job, luxury car, trophy wife, etc.). No wonder so many people are miserable.

I’ve got news for you my friends; life is too short for maybes. We either claim our rightful spot in heaven now or not claim it at all.

It’s good to question your self-limiting beliefs

Who says this is not heaven on earth? Am I not breathing? Don’t I have love in my heart? What more does one need?

Who says it takes years, decades or even a lifetime or more to become enlightened? Not for me! I am claiming the light right now, in my loving heart.

Who says I don’t have enough love in my life? Love is all around me. Love is who I am!

Who says life is not as good as it can be? Life is as good as I make it. It all starts by paying attention to the warm, loving presence of God.

Life is heavenly

Life is wonderful and life is magical; but life is also brief. No matter what the circumstances are in your life, let nothing take you away from loving and enjoying each precious day; for there is no guarantee that tomorrow will come for you.

The great sages throughout the ages tell us to stay awake to the warm, loving presence of God that is in you and all around you.

Take deep breath and look around you. In this moment everything is heavenly; just like it’s always been. Start thinking about the past or future and you remove yourself from paradise.

Control your thoughts or they will control you

A simple shift of perspective from your mind to your heart opens you up to a new world; a world based on love and joy rather than fear and suffering. A simple shift makes the difference between heaven and earth.

Even after shifting your perspective; your mind will continue to try to draw you away into the land of illusion. It still happens to me. Our practice is to catch ourselves when we start falling and return to our center as quickly as possible. This, skill, like any other practice, is acquired through practice.

When something upsetting comes up, it is normal and healthy for us to process our thoughts and feelings. It’s part of coming to terms with the situation. However, when we are done doing this, we need to move on.

It is so easy for your mind to wander. And most of the time it has the tendency to wander into negative territory.

Stay laser-focused on the present moment and the positive outcomes you hope to achieve in your life.

When your mind starts wandering, catch yourself. Say, “No, I am not going to allow myself to go there.” Then, take a breath, and refocus on all the good things in your life and all the good things you plan on achieving.

We ruminate enough on the negative aspects of our lives. Why not ruminate on the good things?

During your busy day, take frequent breaks to re-center yourself. Take a deep breath, relax, and bask in the warm, loving presence in your heart.

So, the next time self-limiting thoughts go floating through your head, ask the simple question, “who says this is true?”

Inspirational thoughts to lift you above your self-limiting beliefs

Where our mind and the senses seek in vain to reach God,
we find Him in our loving heart.

Is there any place better than right here and now?
If you answer yes, you’re lost in an illusion of your own making.

Who says this isn’t heaven on earth?
The birds sing their glad songs.
A gentle breeze rustles the leaves.
The wildflowers bloom in the valley.
All the while, the Sun shines in all its magnificence.
Inspired by Jakushitsu (1290-1367)

Bad things are good things! They show us where we are tripping ourselves up; where we are getting too attached.

When your heart starts growing cold, raise your love thermostat to maintain your overall comfort and well-being.

Start each day dwelling in the warm, loving presence of God. Then, come back to it, as needed, throughout the day.

To get to heaven, we must take it with us, or we find it not.
– Paraphrasing Henry Drummond (1851-1897)

To sense God’s loving presence in the background while going about your daily activities is living in heaven on earth.

To get it, you must first give it away;
To get rid of it, you must first embrace it.
The soft overcomes the hard;
The slow overcomes the fast.
This is the subtle way that things are.
– Inspired by Lao-Tzu

There is no wealth greater than health;
There is no joy greater than love.
– Inspired by King Solomon

Give yourself infusions of love, as needed, throughout the day to maintain your overall well being.

Heaven sparkles like a splash of water in the sunlight on a warm summer day.

Copyright © 2019. Mark Ellison. All Rights Reserved.

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