Creating New Worlds All the Time

creating new worlds all the time

I am creating new worlds all the time. Who says it is not so? I do it all the time!

You have to be a bit crazy to get along in this world. Why live like everyone else when you can create your world exactly the way you want it to be?

You don’t live in the universe so much as the universe lives within you.

Here within your body is the sun, the moon, and planets.
You will not encounter another world as blissful as the world within.
– Inspired by SARAHA (700 AD)

How does one create new worlds you might ask? I will tell you how. You simply write the most beautiful storyline and walk right into it.

The recipe is really quite simple. All it takes is passion and creativity. Mix in some faith. And, oh yes, add in a touch of craziness.

When creating a new world, the first question you need to ask yourself is, “am I creating the world that I want to create?” It sounds so obvious, but we all know how easy it is to be our own worst enemy and make our world perfectly miserable. Remember, you are the ruler of your kingdom.

In my kingdom, I declare:
That love reigns supreme;
That the Beloved and I are One;
That this is heaven on earth.

You can also create beautiful worlds by focusing on what you love, such as reading, writing, painting, music, yoga, meditation, prayer or whatever inspires you.

Making your world heavenly

Within you are two worlds. The heaviness of the physical world pulls you down and the inner bliss of the spiritual world lifts you up. you choose which world you live in.

God made two great suns; one sun to rule the sky, and the other sun to rule the heart.

See the sun that rises in the sky
Feel the sun that shines in heart.

When you begin to realize that you are in essence, God; you rise up into the land of love and light; and experience heaven on earth.

The way to get there, is to be there.

How does one live in the land of bliss? By keeping one foot on Earth; performing one’s worldly duties and the other foot firmly planted in the spiritual realm.

You are already living in the Kingdom of God. You don’t have to pray for it to come to you. You only need to improve your knowing.

To return home to paradise, simply remember your divine nature and bring it into your awareness.

Look for God everywhere because that’s where you will find Him.

It is always your choice which world you live in.

To be in the Kingdom of Heaven, merely focus your attention on the Spirit of love burning brightly within.

By taking a deep breath and telling yourself, “Ahhh, this is heaven on earth.”, you acknowledge what is already there, and by doing so, bring it into your awareness.

To be grateful for every breath, for being alive and aware; that is living in heaven while walking on earth.

Lighten up!

Snap out of any spell that has made you believe that there is anything missing in your life.

With love in your heart, you walk like God on the face of the earth.

We are surrounded by light and love, yet people look to the material world to bring them happiness.

God is the only true reality. Everything is an illusion.

You are here to receive the light and shine it out into the world.

Always be aware of the loving presence of God and remember that you are one with God.

To those who think God is near, God is near.

Creating the world, you want is a knack. There is not right or wrong way to do it. The sands of life are constantly shifting. What feels wrong for you today, may feel right tomorrow.

There is no peace except where God is.
God is the sun that shines in your heart.
Feel God’s love and you will be filled with eternal joy.
But do not be deceived. Soon this outer word shall drop off –
Learn even now to spread your wings in that immortal world,
to swim in the ocean of Love.
– Paraphrasing Edward Carpenter, Towards Democracy (c. 1918)

Whenever you get the opportunity, depart this world for a little while and enter the kingdom of love.

Focus on the warm, loving presence within your heart. As you do so, it will begin to grow. 

Feel God’s love washing over you, lifting you higher and sweeping away all of your worries. Remember, you can always come back to your loving heart. And that love will outshine all of the darkness in your life.

The more you think of God, the more you will feel His warm, loving glow throughout the day.

To live with the loving presence of God, burning brightly within, is to live in heaven on earth.

Walk in love. Walk in light. Live in heaven on earth.

Inspirations to lift you up

Great men are they who see
that spiritual is stronger than any material force,
that love rules the world.

– Inspired by Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

Every morning lean your arms awhile upon the windowsill of heaven and gaze upon your heavenly domain. Then with the vision of your heart, turn strong to meet your day.
– Paraphrasing Thomas Blake (1597-1657)

The whole of existence arises in you.
In you arises the world.
The world consists of nothing else.
– Paraphrase Hevajra Tantra (700 – 950)

Rejoice while you are alive; enjoy the day;
live life to the fullest; make the most of what you have.
It is later than you think.
– Horace (65 BC – 8 BC)

Between every two pines
is a doorway to a new world
– John Muir (1838-1914)

Copyright @ 2020. Mark Ellison. All Rights Reserved

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