Spirit Speaks

This post was originally published on 1/12/2019 and updated on 11/27/2019.

People may call it God, Spirit, Beloved, angels, guides, or higher power. It doesn’t matter what you call it. You will know it by the warm, loving feeling you get in your heart.

spirit speaks
A moment of revelation is like the sun breaking through the clouds

Your Higher Self has a voice. It wants to be heard. Let it speak. What it says will change your world.

It is good to carry on a conversation with the Heavenly Beloved. Some people may think this is crazy, but you will know otherwise by the loving feeling that you get in your heart.

Check in with the Heavenly Father whenever you feel the need. God has an answer for all of our problems. We only have to ask and then listen.

Below are some of the things my Heavenly Spirit has said to me. What does your Spirit have to say to you?

Inspirations to lift you up

Heavenly Spirit, is it possible to carry on a conversation with you? If so, how do I do I know it is really you who is speaking to me?

“Now listen to me my love. Take a deep breath, open your heart and listen to Me. Sometimes I will come to you as a feeling. Other times I will come to you as thoughts. I will always be loving and non-judgmental. If the voice is other than this, it is not coming from Me.”

But how do I know  that you are not a figment of my imagination?

“Does your doubt lift you up and bring you joy and contentment? If so, follow your doubt. Otherwise, come back to Me.”

I keep searching but can’t find you. Where can I find you?

“Why all this searching? I Am right here in your ever-present loving heart.

Come home and be with Me now.

Just breathe into your heart center and feel My love.”

How can I call on you when I really need you?

“Call my name and I will be there.  

Breathe into Me and keep coming back to your heart center, so I may ‘inspire you’ and lift you up.

This is your safe haven.”

Is there a heaven and hell?

“Man knows in his heart what’s right and what’s wrong. I give him free will. If he chooses to live in the light, he lives in heaven on earth. If he strays from the light, he creates his own hell.

There is a reason that you cannot see beyond the veil of the great beyond. You are here to live in the love and joy of every precious moment. This is heaven. You don’t have wait until you die to get to heaven.”

Where is heaven?

“You are already in the promised land. With all your glorious imperfections, you are already there!  

Open your eyes and realize all the goodness that is in you and all around you.”

How can I find happiness?

“My dear, why are you still looking for happiness? I give mankind two eyes but he still does not see. Heaven is all around you! It’s in every step you make and every breath you take.”

Oh, Heavenly Father, May I always be One with You.

“You already are One with Me. It cannot be otherwise. It’s just that sometimes you don’t realize it.”

How can I realize my Oneness You?

“Keep coming back to the warm, loving presence in your heart. This is the entryway to heaven on earth.”

Now, Lord, what should I do?

“Come right back home to your warm, loving heart.

Don’t get too distracted with the things in this world. Instead, rest in My love and be with Me.”

Why do I hear your voice weaker than at other times?

“Let me tell you a secret my dear. The stronger you long for me, the louder you will hear my voice and the stronger you will feel my presence.”

Oh, Heavenly Father, please tell me how to meditate.

“There are as many ways to meditate as there are rivers into the ocean. Here is a meditation that is guaranteed to lift you up.

Breathe into your heart center and feel the light begin to grow.

Breathe some more and notice how the flicker becomes a flame.

Breathe even more, feel the flame become a fire.

Feel the fire radiate out to your arms and hands.

Feel the fire radiate out to your legs and feet.

Feel the fire radiate up to your head.

You are now alight with fire!

Bask in its glory.

Bask in its rapture.

Now shine the light out into the world.

And share the light with others so that they may rekindle their fire.

This is how one creates heaven on earth.”

Heavenly Spirit, if there was one message you would like to give me, what would it be?

“Oh, my dear one, the human lifespan is so short. Don’t waste any time on needless suffering. Spend every precious moment in love and joy. Hold fast to the love in your heart.”

Heavenly Father, what does it mean to be a Man or Woman of God?

“It means that you do not always have to come to me on bended knees. Come to me as an equal if you like. Don’t worry, I cannot be offended. After all I am all that is. I am you and you are Me. We are inseparable. It cannot be otherwise. The only difference between the man of God and others is that he realizes this to be so.

Remember, you are empowered. If you love yourself, you are loving Me. For We are One and the same. Likewise, if you have a need, tell Me (your higher self) what it is you need. Together, we will come up with an solution that works out for the good of all.”

Will I maintain my identity after death?

“As you come closer to me, you will become more acutely aware of your collective consciousness. Your separate identity will naturally start to fall away by itself. Don’t worry. You will not even miss it. It is this sense of separateness that has caused all of your suffering.

Just be content to know that you will always be One with God.”

Dear Heavenly Father, may I never forsake you.

“Fear not my child, I will love you to the end of time. My love cannot be forsaken.”

Heavenly Father, how can I get closer to you?

“You are only one breath away from total liberation.

Breathe deeply into your heart center and feel My love with every breath. Out of this love flows all the goodness that comes into your life.

It’s good to repeat the mantra: ‘Heaven in every breath’”

Inspirations for transforming suffering

Why do I feel down?

“Why are you feeling down my child? Nothing has changed, the fire of love still burns brightly within.

Wake Up! Wake Up!

Wake up to the goodness that is within you and all around you…. and re-enter the Kingdom of Bliss.” 

Oh, Heavenly Father, how I pine for the days when everything was just right.

“My love, back in the good old days you were still living in the past.

No time is ever a good time until you come back to the present moment and rest in My warm, loving presence.”

Why do I feel fearful?

“Fear not. You are a Man of God. Nothing can hurt you, except your own unloving thoughts.

You are entitled to experience your full range of emotions at all times. At the same time, feel My warm, loving presence and I can lift you up.”

Why does the world feel so unloving?

“Oh, my dear, I know that sometimes it feels like love is unattainable. But believe me, love is all there really is.

Never forget who you really are. You are the essence of love, and nothing less.

just be with Me, and I will give you all the love you will ever need.”

Why does it feel sometimes that I cannot do anything right?

“Hold onto your perceived missteps lightly my love. Nobody is perfect. The most important thing is that you keep returning your attention back to My divine presence so I can lift you up.”

Why do I continue making the same mistakes in life over and over again?

“My dear, why beat yourself up? Be kind and gentle with yourself. One would not scold a child for falling when first learning to walk. Neither will I scold you when you are learning to walk the path of love.

You can always come back to My warm, loving presence. Any voice that tells you otherwise is a lie.”

Why is my mind sometimes so full of dark thoughts?

“Fear not my child. the dark shadows are only illusions. Focus instead on My love, which is the only thing which is real.

Focus on Me and I will lift you up!”

All these losses, all these changes, what is one to do?

“Relax my dear One. Nothing has changed. You are still whole just like you’ve always been.

Be still my gentle soul. The world is but a dream. Only love is real.

Realize this and set yourself free.”

Heavenly Father, will I be punished for my sins?

“I am not a vengeful God. Man punishes himself enough.

I am a loving God. I Am an all-forgiving God. My unconditional love cannot do otherwise but embrace you the way your are. I am here to love you back into wholeness.

My only wish is for you to come back to My loving presence as soon as possible.”

Dear Heavenly Father, how can I become a better person.

“My dear, why would you ever want to change yourself? You are perfect just the way you are, in all of your imperfections. You don’t have to change anything about yourself.

This is the disease of mankind: always striving to be something different and never arriving.

You will change when you are ready for change. In the meantime, relax and enjoy! Celebrate who you are. Love yourself more!”

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